You can also see us at Greenfield Valley - come and join us. (entrance fees apply)


Saturday 2nd March Wonderful Wales - Stori Ddraig, meet the guardian of the Dragons and learn what wonderful mythical creatures live in the wilds of Wales.


Saturday 13th April Welsh Myths and Legends

Stori Tylwyth Teg, Meet your mythic ancestors


Saturday 4th May - Merry Mayfair - Y Gangen Haf, May Day superstitions and traditions of Wales *TBC

Welcome to
Myth Fest Wales is a magical, outdoor adventure, immersing families in storytelling and natural crafts with local mythological creatures from the
wild waters of North East Wales.

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Reviews from shows in June...


"What a fab afternoon of potions, mischief and magic!! Had an absolutely brilliant time(as did my girls)"

"Well done to everybody involved you brought magic to life in a beautiful setting!"


"Fab event, we all loved it."

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 Easy to get to and easy to stay, so take it easy in north east Wales 

The Story so far.......

This immersive, storytelling and crafting event will combine outdoor theatre and forest school techniques and introduce you to some of our colourful characters and creatures from North East Wales mythological past.


“We took a great family recipe. We picked the local myths and folklore mixed them in a pot, added a sprinkling of modern-day foibles and a pinch of irony, and out came a memorable and original battle of good versus evil, dark versus light, boy meets girl and a bit of ‘he’s behind you’!” explained event organizer Vanessa


"Myths and legends flow like water through our culture. They are continually evolving; they feed our beliefs, fuel our traditions and inspire film and TV globally. Many of our myths and legends are in watery habitats, and that is no coincidence. Wales is so full of magic because it is so wet! The veil between the magical and the mortal worlds is crossed through water and our event locations are particularly special as their watery portals could open at any time!"

These events will deliver what we do best in Wales; storytelling, music, singing, dance, craft and appreciation of our majestic landscapes.  We invite you to embrace our culture, traditions and superstitions and join us to make magical family memories. 

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